Talent Concept

Our talent concept: morality first, responsibility first, true talent and practical work.

Talent is an important strategic resource for enterprise development. We are committed to recruiting talents through effective incentive mechanisms, a fair competition platform and a broad career development space.

In Fada Electrical appliances, every employee is an important part of the company. The company cares about the growth and happiness of every employee, which is a valuable asset for the company.

We respect talents and value; we affirm true feelings and dedication, and affirm creation and results.

We believe that only employees who constantly surpass themselves can promote the development and surpass of the company; only if everyone succeeds, the company will be more successful!

Therefore, we advocate passion and competition, and are determined not to associate with people who do not seek progress and are backward in thinking.

We require every Fada Electrical appliances person to possess the good qualities of "integrity and integrity, and the courage to take responsibility", but also the fighting spirit of "optimism, dedication and perseverance"; in addition to good professional qualities and the ability to complete work independently, Also need to have the "team spirit" and "learning" ability. Only in this way can employees and the company grow together and develop together.

We look forward to more and more talents joining the Fada Electrical appliances family, and we hope that more people can realize their ideals and values in life in Fada Electrical appliances.