In the future, the development focus of my country's low-voltage electrical appliances will focus on intelligent environmental protection
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    Internet, Internet of Things, Global Energy Internet, Industry 4.0. Smart Grid, Smart Home... The development of various technologies will eventually realize the "ultimate connection" of things in various dimensions, realizing the organization of all things, the interconnection of all things, and the intelligence of all things. All things thinking; and through the comprehensive integration and integration of collective consciousness and collective structure, it becomes the central nervous system that affects the efficient operation of modern human society. Low-voltage electrical appliances play a major role in this revolution and will play the role of a connector for everything, which can connect all isolated islands and everyone into a unified ecosystem.

    Intelligence has always been regarded as an important step in the transformation and upgrading of the low-voltage electrical industry. Both relevant departments and industry organizations regard it as the future development direction of the low-voltage electrical industry. With the continuous development of low-voltage electrical appliances production technology, a new generation of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances featuring intelligence, modularity, and communication capabilities will become mainstream products in the market. The market share of high-end low-voltage electrical appliances will further expand.

    2015-2020 will be the main period of my country's smart grid construction, and the total investment scale of smart grid is expected to be close to four trillion yuan. The smart grid has entered an important stage of comprehensive construction. The intelligent construction of urban and rural distribution networks will be fully launched. Smart grids and smart complete sets of equipment, smart power distribution, and control systems will usher in a golden development period. This will accelerate the upgrading of my country's low-voltage electrical products and the re-segmentation of the low-voltage electrical market.

    It is reported that the intelligentization of low-voltage electrical appliances requires the application of intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment, including automatic production lines for key components, automatic detection lines for low-voltage electrical appliances, and automatic equipment lines for low-voltage electrical appliances. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, my country will optimize the power structure and strengthen the construction of smart grids, and the market demand for power equipment will increase rapidly. Relevant information shows that the State Grid will invest a total of 1.5 trillion yuan in the construction of the grid itself and intelligence in the smart grid, or about 300 billion yuan per year, which will ensure the steady growth of low-voltage electrical appliances during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. .

    With the upgrading of low-voltage electrical products, the standard system will gradually improve. In the future, the development of low-voltage electrical products will not only be mainly manifested in product intelligence, but also emphasize environmental protection and energy saving requirements, and gradually develop "green" products, including product material selection, manufacturing process and use process impact on the environment, and effective use of energy.

    Intelligent, networking, and digitalization of low-voltage electrical appliances is the future development direction, but higher requirements are also put forward for the integration of low-voltage electrical systems and overall solutions. Intelligent universal circuit breakers for a new generation of high-performance power distribution systems, intelligent energy-saving AC contactors, intelligent high-breaking molded case circuit breakers, selective protection household circuit breakers, automatic transfer switches, integrated intelligent control and protection appliances , Key technologies of doubly-fed wind power converters, SPD, smart grid end-user equipment and other technologies will receive strong support from the government and the market, enabling China's low-voltage industry to integrate with international leading technologies as soon as possible.

    According to the industry, in line with the development trend, four technical standards need to be urgently studied: technical standards that can cover the comprehensive performance of the latest products, including technical performance, use performance, and maintenance performance; product communications and standards that organically combine product performance and communications requirements to enable Products have good interoperability; formulate reliability and test method standards for related products to improve product reliability and product quality, and increase the ability to compete with foreign products; formulate a series of environmental awareness design standards and energy efficiency standards for low-voltage electrical products , To guide and standardize the production and manufacture of energy-saving and environmentally friendly "green appliances".

    Low-carbon, energy-saving, material-saving, environmental protection, and the green revolution have had a profound impact on the world. Global ecological security issues represented by climate change have become increasingly prominent, which will trigger fundamental changes in the economic and social development methods worldwide, and advanced low pressure Electrical technology and energy-saving technology have become the forefront of the world's technological development and the hotspot of technological competition.

    For ordinary users, in addition to the quality and price of low-voltage electrical appliances, they are paying more and more attention to the energy-saving and environmental performance of products. In addition, legally, the state also requires environmental protection and energy-saving performance of low-voltage electrical products used by enterprises and industrial building users.

    It is a general trend to create green energy-saving appliances with core competitiveness and provide customers with safer, smarter, and greener electrical solutions. The advent of the green revolution brings both challenges and opportunities to manufacturers in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry.